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[wednesday | feb 23 | 9.17 pm]


SAY HELLO TOO ________3leven

that is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 yes 8 underdashes, just to piss you off :-D


BUT ADD ME! <33 even though i'l remind you all! DO IT.

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

[wednesday | feb 23 | 8.29 pm]

This I believe is my last entry on this user name. I am making a new one. This one is apparently too deragetory. and my next journal is going to be friends only. I will be commenting on all my friends on the frinds list to add me. so please add me back I'd really appreciate it. and I would certainly do it to you too!

Today was a day of test. even though in science i didn't have a test/quiz i will tomorrow.

my volleyball team lost today :(

we were in the middle gym which i despise and it was hott and small and gross.

i stayed all the way through and did homework. weird trombone players were there throwing up and laughing and dancing. creeps.

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

super tampons [tuesday | feb 22 | 8.06 pm]
[ mood | content ]

Last night before I went to bed, er-- well trying to sleep I was thinking. LIke I normally do.. anyway.
If I wanted to know anything right now I'd like to know if there is the most random person who has the biggest crush on me.
Like have you ever wondered if there was that kid in one of your classes that liked you, or your best friend or something like that? and you had no idea about it. i think that'd be totally awesome.

crushes. that word is even cute. ♥

today was good. i went to ericas with sarah. and sat with jon who is my sexual lover. erica seemed kind of isolated and angry. and wanted to stay inside even though it was nice out. we did eventually go to montis and stopped at dustins because its his birthday!!! ♥ ♥

hah he's the best. we should all hang out with our young dusty one day. :-D

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

PUT SOME DAMN PANTS ON [monday | feb 21 | 7.46 pm]

My trip wasn't too bad cosidering how much I did not want to go. Lets see. The ride there was boring. And dark.

Who is 856 627 8414??? they called on my way up but i didn't answer because i was in the car.

Friday: woke up, WENT FUCKING SNOWMOBILING. Hah listen to this. So it's my turn to try it and my aunts boyfriend takes out one and warned me about it. so i press on the throttle and ZOOM it goes flying off track i jumped ff into the drive way the thing is flying straight across the street over some pile of snow ALMOST about 3 yards away from crashing into a house. I have some bad ass bruises. But then i got on the good snowmobile and totally sped everywhere, even down a MOUNTAIN AT NIGHT.SAWEET.

Saturday: skiing. woke up EARLY. skied all day. i forget after that. i just remember being navigator.

sunday: skied day 2. i was naigator picked out every trail, was in control..&&&&& I JIMBOED. ahaha. then we went snowmobiling again. and i rode up the mountain there and back in the dark with paige and katie. it's like driving. then we saw fireworks at okemo. it was cool because skiers and snowboarders snychroniccally went down the mountain at night with flares.

Tom Potvin [aunts boyfriend] let us have his sons bands cd. they are in boston. Love Whip. and they covered 311 songs !?!? and they were Ska-ish?!?! AWESOME.

today we left. in the morning my mom and i walked in the damn snow {yes it was snowing up there today} to breakfast.

yeah. coool. i own. love.

i missed marlton though.

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

[thursday | feb 17 | 3.41 pm]

Oh yeah and in case you were wondering.
I am going skiing in Vermont. Bah. Skiing is fun
just not the ride up back and staying at the house
i don't like snow or cold weather rawr.
609 280 9449 609 280 9449
plymouth rock.

6092809449 6092809449 [thursday | feb 17 | 3.32 pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Alright well this is my last entry before I leave. In about another hour. :( >:O
So please please please text me or something. 6092809449
do you want me to repeat it? okay i know you do


OR EMAIL ME. tayd311@aol.com

i'll be back monday night. :\

the next long weeekend will be spring break and that's a long time ahead.

i hope everyone has a good time.

I love you and will miss you all.


A lot of people looked sexy today. Honestly. Everyone just looked hott

i poked jareds boob a lot mwahah

MAGGIE MAY HORAN I GOTY YOUR VALENTINE!!! YAYYY!!!! && and it's weird because i am going on a long ride i was going to write you anyway.

miss you all ;|

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

braces off in july!? no way!/ [wednesday | feb 16 | 4.32 pm]

Um I went to the ortho and I get my braces off in July. Humph. It was just a crappy day. I hate the rain. And Vacantions and having to wait to July to actual look normal because I hate my braces!!!!! >:O

I did get a hard question in world geography right ! :-P

I HAVE TO LEAVE TOMORROW. But I'll still be in school.! Bye everyone. I love you all.!
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

NEW KEYBOARD [tuesday | feb 15 | 6.58 pm]

I am typing on a new keyboard.  This thing is the freakin shiz.  I don't think I want to go on the computer a lot anymore.  I HAVE TO GO SKIING THE WEEKEND. FCUKING SUCKS.

Um Valentines Day. BUMMER. They lost my iFlurtz thing. :(.
I do have a 101.3 in science though!

TODAY WAS BEAUTIFUL OUT! So when I got home I got ready to run because I was excited to go outside. But I didn't stretch and I realized that when I was in Mayfair and my legs hurt.  So I walked for about another 2 miles.  Sometimes I ran. it felt so good.  the air was nice, ii was listening to 311!.  I wish I walked more.  But it looked like the sun was going down.  I should have though.  It felt good.  I like beautiful days.  I cannot wait till it's like this more often a.k.a afer April.




it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

HAIRYBUTT [sunday | feb 13 | 6.49 pm]

Erica Mike and I went to Walmart. We looked at hairdye and I kept fighting with Mike. Then went to elecxtronics and he took Erica's dye. We saw Tyler Matt and Nick at McDonalds and we sat and talked with them. Erica left to find Mike. We went back to electronics. and they were getting candy and Tyler got this awesome Endless Party CD. Then I still walked around with them and outside to get a drink. They left and I found Erica and Mike. I & Er donated money to the Animal Shelter. Mikes mum took us to my house. We sat in my room and looked at the girls growing up puberty book, with a section about boys in it. Hardcore Porn. and we tickled mike until he faked a seizure and white saliva came out of his mouth and wiped it on me! GROSS. We settled down for Freddy Got Fingered. HAHAHA. My mom called we went downstairs. Erica and I being decietful planned to get Mike in the NUDE. So we got his shirt and belt off chased each other around and pulled down his pants. HAH.

it was a good afternoon. I still have Latin homework. GHEYY.


Valentines Day has never been successful for me. It has its tendency to be boring, lonely. But yeahhh.. It's stupid ! =)
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

[saturday | feb 12 | 11.12 pm]
oo  roxichic  oo: http://img210.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img210&image=52676313sx.png
captian X planet: i got a penguin
captian X planet: i rated it a three and said it looked like a penguin with down syndrome
oo  roxichic  oo: WHAT!?
oo  roxichic  oo: ASHLEY i love penguins!
oo  roxichic  oo: jesus
oo  roxichic  oo: how could you
captian X planet: lol
captian X planet: i like them too.
captian X planet: but it was a retarded panguin
oo  roxichic  oo: they are the only animal i do like, besides men
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

babysitting [saturday | feb 12 | 7.46 pm]

Today was pretty fun. i was really tired though. I made most of my Valentines. most of them say, "lover" "hotstuff" "sweetie PYE". &&&&&&& they are hello kitty :-D.

Megan picked me up for the Cherry Hill mall. The Spices were all together :)
We got there and Lauren rolled down the little hill got dirtyu. We banged on the McDonalds window. In Gadzooks I got these kick flats that are black and pink checkered. $2.98 bitch. THANK YOU LAUREN AND MEGAN for finding them. Then we went into H&M forever. And the woman behind us who looked 40 had a lingerie set. HAHAHA. We went in Forever21. that is the ultimate store. if I had ALL day to shop. it'd be that store.

We decided to eat and went across the street.. no highway. to Silver Diner :)


I got a Brownie sundae. They played lots of good oldies. AND THE BEATLES! I still want that Best of Beatles CD. The red one. I have wanted it since it ever came out which was probably 3-4 years ago.

Then we had to go and ran back across the street and to Joyce Leslie with the biggest sale room ever and the coolest vinyl like jacket. lots of obnoxious stuff. we got excited. i bought a pair of short silky Hello Kitty pajamas shorts. $3.99 bia.

now i am babysitting. it's easy tonight because they are tired and quiet.

CALL 6092809449!
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

Your mom is a Temptation [friday | feb 11 | 10.14 pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hah today in english MrRevell was talking about things being temptaions and to said to John Pisciotta,


Tonight was really blah. Not being with Erica. But what I did. Went to the SamAsh and Cherry Hill mall with Sean Kirsten? and Andrew well and Erica. Didn't say much. I get like that around people i don't know.

@ Sam Ash Erica and I got bored and wandered. BECAUSE THATS WHAT FRESHMEN DO! && someone black guys were remixing and twisting and turning on those little turner dj tables so i went over to the one next to them and tried it. well lets just say i'll never do that again. the hobo looking one smiled and nodded his head.

I was talking a lot about Smalls' friend to him. Steve Christopher. And what are the odds, I go on Erica's bus and he flipping goes on it. I never talk to this kid in my life he just is really hott.

I'm really tired.

life is such a drag.

My entries are shorter. No time and no patience. I also have a special journal upstairs. Who the fcuk reads peoples entries that are long? I know mine used to be but honestly if i were someone else i'd just skim over it.

no offense of anything.

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

stealing condoms? [wednesday | feb 9 | 5.58 pm]
[ mood | dream ]

I had half the dream written down and my computer RANDOMLY restarts?! anyway i had a 2.5-3 hour name. it was good.

The first part of my dream was in a reality video game. Tyler was about to go snowboarding attatched to the rail and i would be attatched in front of him on a snowmobile type thing. near the end of the coaster it turns into some water rollercoaster and we are going through waterfalls, corkscrews and loops.

then it goes to me in a car with my mom and uncle, stopping at mcdonalds [that is replacing boston market] and we are in lbi. i see sarah there and we sit at a table with these girls on a road trip and there retarded friend.

now i am in walmart looking arund the pharmacutical area. i pick up a cheap pack of durex condoms and run. a.k.a i stole them and hide in the clothes department but cashiers and mcdonalds. hiding the evidence? about 10 cameras saw me but didn't do anything. then i sit buy some jackets rack. I open the condoms but they are oily so i hide the one in my back pocket and hide the box. megan comes so i have to hide the box under me so she didn't know i stole there nor would she know i have them for that matter.

now i am in the beginning of mayfair with lauren for some big fashion/talent show up the street. all of chs is there. WE SKANK DOWN THE ROAD TO A FAG SKA MIX CD SHE MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we try and yell into mailboxes that had loudspeakers so we could give a shoutout to our Spices. but no such luck. then at the end ben comes up to me and says we did good and HANK was there and he likes me?! and wants to see me?!

that was a cool dream ;)
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

doctors [wednesday | feb 9 | 1.32 pm]
[ mood | bored/stuffy nose ]

I woke up today with the top of my neck hurting, 97.9 temp. and a headache. I told my mom to make me a doctors appointment. Derek was nice to me in the morning. Odd. During study hall I was taking off my sweatshirt and knicked my nose causing it to bleed. We had a vocab quiz in english I studied. So I am bound to have did okay. World geo we played the stumper game. My group said the answer was Cypsco. But when I went up Mr Geiseller was like are you sure.? and I was like well maybe it's Calypso and he's like a I can't tell you that. And you know what? The right answer was Calypso. and my group was like darn we should have listened to you.

I SWEAR IN SCIENCE I HAVE ATLEAST A 105!!!!!!!! I have gotten all 100's and today she gave us back the results on the cloud identifying contest and our group won which means +5 points!

My mom picked me up when lunch was ending. But during lunch Megan told us this awesome creepy story.

Anyway I went to the doctors. And there was a lot fo sick kids. The lady that walked in infront of us opened the door with her sleeve and wrote with a tissue so she didn't touch the pen but her son looked like a bum and he crossed his legs.

I had to pee in a cup and she made me wipe with the bloody iodine looking stained toilette. Eww.

There is nothing wrong with me just a ltitle virus.

My mom took me to get Valentine cards and candy! Yes I got Hello Kitty cards/sacks and candy. Love me.

so now i have a boring after noon and symphony orchestra dress rehersal tonight. woot?

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

I RIPPED MY PANTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [tuesday | feb 8 | 8.38 pm]
[ mood | ripped pants ]

AHAHAHHAH TODAY I FCUKING RIPPED MY PANTS! YES PEOPLE I RIPPED THEM LIKE SPONGEBOB. Sarah Erica and I were in the DMS bathroom and they were sitting down so i squatted and my pants ripped. and i squatted again and they ripped a little more. and then some lady erica knew from audubon was there and heard.

Haha it was so funny.

During school i wore my striped pants!!!!
and i was sick all day. my back hurt. my throat hurt. i wenty to the nurse and stole tampons ♥

sarah and erica came on my bus!!!!!!!!! fun!

then we went to dms for the wrestling match. and I got to see Dustin! ♥ ♥
and I met a "slow" fat kid in mrs.romanellis special class, named Ethan. I told him I loved him and had him give me high 5's.
i gave dustin and his hot friend kevin a kiss of the cheek. i saw christian and anthony thomas and troy.

i love these people.

erica;; sorry i was running off with sarah alot. i don't it seemed like i didn't get to talk to much. ♥ ♥

it was fun. I love my little 8th graders.

it was a good night.

fcuking symphony orchestra tomrrow night?!
plymouth rock.

odd day [monday | feb 7 | 3.52 pm]
On the contraryCollapse )
plymouth rock.

superbowl 05' eages vs pates ;) [sunday | feb 6 | 8.47 pm]

Today was fun. It was BEAUTIFUL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I walk to Megans and Lauren, Katrina, Megan and I watched DMS inaguration, and dances. Hahaha.

Ashley came! And we all played Scattergories. That is so much fun.

Then I went to Erica's. And Sarah and Danielle arrived. We danced in Erica's room! :-D and had a lot of food. and Mike came.

it's superbowl.
i have to shower.
Um yeah.

It was really nice to hang with ALL my friends today :)

plymouth rock.

let me hol you touch you feel you always [saturday | feb 5 | 10.24 pm]
[ mood | good ]

Tonight was flipping sweet. Lauren Megan Ashley and I went bowling at Playdrome. We got a whole bunch of balls and bowled. I suck completley. Ashley and I went into the little rides for kiddies. First it was the mini helicopter and then we pushed on selfves in the pony carousel.

Ah yes.

Lauren mad a mix cd. YES. the Dj wouldn't play it at first but then he did and we skanked and danced.

We all bowled like freaks. Threw the balls. I sat down and kicked the ball. The people next to us loved it.

and the lights were out so we were glowing!

On the score board we had our names as;
Broccoli Spice
Slut Spice
Funky Spice
Shakezoola Spice

I love it so much. ♥

then we went to dunkin donuts and sat in our invisble car in the drive thru. and told BOB that we were coming around. we got 6 donuts and the coffee filiters on our head and pissed off bob. then in the bathroom all together.

we sat at a table and put the donut powder on our faces

It was a good night i never had so much fun bowling ever.

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

[saturday | feb 5 | 4.49 pm]
I have had a boring saturday. I'm waiting to go bowling.
I was suppose to go to the mall with Erica but i didn't get a call or anythign for her. i don't blame her because she said her brother was roaming around.

so i showered and i made my hair look, rockabilly.

um i did some homework. and had my stereo up to volume 15 so my room was vibrating sometimes.
plymouth rock.

i slipped. whoopsies [friday | feb 4 | 11.36 pm]

mr Cherokee was pretty good. I twas definatley more of a popularity contest. arnold was goood. hah we sung pyscotic bi polar girlfriend and everyone looked at us. good stuff.
eric donovan is the new mr cherokee? he wasn't even good and his performance had his own damn sister in it.

after that we went to marlton diner. we as in = megan lauren katrina ashley dana adam rae ben steve and ralphy. our waitress sucked and took too long

i got a milkshake

i = slut spice
megan = funky spice
ashley = shakezoola spice
lauren = broccoli spice
katrina = STUPID spice.

haha i love it.

the waitress yelled at ben for using vulgar language??? we were all loud and obnoxiuous.

i drank the shake real fast.

hah plan rainbow.

tomorrow shall be fun!

when i got out of ashley's car i ran to my door and slipped right in front of the steps. it was really funny.

overall a pretty good friday to complete a look stupid week

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

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